January 18, 2019

Farmhouse Quilting - Day 1

I am starting a new series here on my blog because I am wanting to finish a project that I've just put off. I don't know if you remember the farmhouse quilt that I started last year - I did a few posts and then it just kind of faded away. 

Well, this year one of my goals is to finish that quilt. Last year it got put down because it scared me, honestly. I was in a quilting group and most of them decided to work on it at home. The reason that I was in the group was because I hadn't ever pieced a quilt and wanted someone around to help just in case. I thought it would take at least four months to complete and instead it took them all less than two. So it got put away in a sad little corner.

Well, today I got out the two blocks I made and yes, the first one needs to be fixed - so I unpicked it. Today was mostly getting reacquainted with the pattern and figuring out which colors I was using for which parts. (that made sense in my head)  

I also drew out what the entire quilt will be for me. I love the colors and grays. Now to remember which fabric is my backing and which goes between the blocks. I may need to measure how much I bought and see which one I am using. I'll take a photo of my other fabrics in a few weeks.  I am loving the bright colors for this quilt. 

My mom has a wall of batting and finds scraps to hang there until inspiration hits. I love the idea. These were from vest patterns and she wants to place them and make a warm blanket. So creative! She didn't have any inspiration today (besides the new background) and so she worked on a few other blankets. 

More on this in 2 weeks. It'll take awhile and I can be patient. It'll be done this year! I also am happy that I can have time with my mom doing something that she loves as much as I do. I have to say that it was so sweet that she found this old desk and put it in the room so that I would have a bit of work space. Talking and singing and figuring out how to make our patterns is a lot of fun and I am happy that we are spending time together - just the two of us.

Why ever two weeks? That's my husband's day off. That means that that it's just me that goes over and we have no other distractions. I even go up and show my dad what I'm working on and he does ooh and aah. This is gonna be fun!

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