January 1, 2019

Word of the year - 2019

I have been choosing word to live by for 6 years now.  I have loved each year and I know that when I focus on the word that I have chosen I accomplish the things I wanted to do all along. The last few years have been me trying to be kind and help my children and myself.  Last year I was super brave and made a few new friends, became a vendor in a few shows and made some sales, and helped out at school a bit more than I'd ever like. I was scared most of the year and I hope that I was able to push through.

This year I have a lot of things that I'd like to do. I am thinking in terms of my business, my family, my spirituality and myself. So this year I would like to be INTENTIONAL.
What does it really mean to be intentional? To me it means that when I am doing something there is purpose behind it. The actions that I take are not just because something needs to be done. There is always a reason behind what I am doing. 

If I am tucking my kids in bed at night it is because I love them and want them to grow and prosper. If I am signing up for a craft fair it is to get my brand out there and sell a few items. I suppose that by living intentionally I will also be able to accomplish specific goals for 2019.
There is a big difference between having intent and being intentional. I want to be intentional. The difference to me is follow through. Everyone intends to be good. Those that are intentional and have purpose and a plan will follow through and make things happen. I want to make things happen in my life this year. 

So there you have it. I will be intentional. With my relationships, my time, my talents and my mind. It will be difficult because I have some pretty bad habits lately. I like them because I am a bit lazy.  I also would like to be intentional about keeping this blog going. I may not have every post look beautiful and well written - so be prepared.  This year will be epic and wonderful and full.

I will be doing a few fun projects in the next few days and showing them off in time. The next blog post on my radar will be all about goals. I had some really awesome goals last year that I was able to accomplish. I blogged about each one and why they were so important to me. I feel like if I have specific goals for my business that it can flourish. So stay tuned.

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