February 1, 2019

Farmhouse Quilt - Day 2

Today was my second day of quilting. I started a little late b/c I was taking care of a sick girl. I am proud of my progress. The block I unpicked last time needed to be pressed.  There is a reason that when quilting you use the word press and not iron. 

The way that the quilt is made has a lot to do with why pressing is important. From what I've been taught from friends, family and Youtube the reason is that when you iron (like your shirt for example) you move the fabric a little and it can stretch. Pressing the pieces of fabric will get them flat and also not stretch. This is important with the smaller fabric pieces. 

I've also seen a few ways to press seams: to the side or open.  The tutorial that I'm using for the farmhouse quilt has some very specific ways to press the seams so I'm following closely. The reason that pressing the seams is important is so the entire top will lay flat - that's what I'm gleaning from what I'm doing. Remember, I'm  mostly self taught on all of this. 

Then I learned how to cut them, err... trim them. I didn't have the right tool. My mom had about 4 different rulers to chose from. This was another ah ha moment because after using the correct tool I felt like I was cheating. No wonder I had done it incorrectly last time!

Then I had to sew them in a specific order and press everything correctly. Like I said earlier, the tutorial has a very intricate way of pressing the seams. The pieces were sewn together in a fun series and at the end it was great to see it all come together. 

I love that it turned out correctly - they are now the same size! 

While we were sewing we listened to some old radio shows - "The Saint" with Vincent Price. I'd grown up a bit freaked out by him b/c he's in scary movies. His voice acting is amazing. The mysteries are on point! I did a little research and the show was on the air from 1945-51.  While listening I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the old time radio shows? I know we have podcasts now and they are NOT the same thing.

I'm so glad I am having this time with my mom learning from her and about her. It's incredible. I can't wait for another two weeks. Then I'll start working on new patterns and we'll see how my cutting skills are. Eeek!

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