February 20, 2019


I love having custom orders because I never know what they'll be. I got a very fun and difficult ask - it took me longer than I thought and I was happy to work with my client for what she wanted specifically.

She asked for Gryffindor colors and a Harry Potter theme tote bag that she can use at church. It needed a large pocket for a notebook, smaller pockets for things like snacks and pencils, an outer pocket, a loop to hold her drink, and enough room inside for her small blanket. It was a very interesting custom order that made me a little nervous.

I worked on this pattern for months and even dreamed about it. The due date she gave was pretty fluid. I was worried about buying enough fabric and then how to cut it out. I drew it out a few times remembering things like strap length and loops. Cutting into the fabric was scary and exhilarating. I was happy to begin.

Everything got cut out and I even labeled what they were so I wouldn't miss anything. I did need to line the large pocket with different fabric, I doubt anyone will even notice and if they do it's super cute and you know it's hand made. Sticky notes work well when I need to know which piece is for a pocket and which is for loops.

I take it back, the scariest moment was when everything was on the bags (pockets etc) and then I needed to construct the bag itself. This photo was my moment of apprehension. Either I did everything correctly or I had to start over. I got ready and flipped the bag right side out.

This was the first photo I took - just the pocket with the cute Gryffindor symbol. I think that I got the colors pretty spot on. It turned out super cute and I LOVE the large zig zags around. I thought about cutting closer so that it was square, but loved this look. I'm glad I kept it.

Not only did I make the bag (yes, you'll see it soon) I had enough fabric left to make a few other items. I made her a cute zip pouch that matched and could be clipped to her loops. (Again, why hadn't I thought of that?)  It turned out super cute and the inside fabric is the inside of the bag.

The other item I made was this cute key chain. I was so happy that the emblem worked out so perfectly on the back. That's when you know that making it was just meant to be.


Ta Da!

I loved how everything came together. The zip pouch and key chain look amazing on the bag itself. I will have to see if the water bottle works okay. The loops are pretty sturdy. I went over them a few times. I also love that I decided to do the same zig zag look as the top stitch of the bag itself. It was nice to match the pocket.

Everything tucks nicely inside the bag where there are 3 pockets on one side and a large pocket for a folder on the other. I am so happy that it is done and I really kinda want one myself. It's super cute!!

What can I make for you?

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