February 26, 2019

St. Patrick's pillow 2019

Last year I was commissioned to do a pillow for a client that turned out really amazing.

This year I wanted one of my own. My front porch just needed a little something extra - I have some green/orange/gold pillows out and some other decor, but I wanted something just a little bit more fun.

I got this great fabric - I love the small pattern when I buy white.  Circles all over!!

I was going to make the same kind of pillow as last year, but I looked around and did a few searches and I found a really fun free print online that I used. I LOVE how fun and creative it is. I love the HTV and how easy it is to use. I had help weeding this from my oldest. Before I know it she's going to be making her own designs.

I'm sure that having a heat press would be a lot easier. For my next project with one color and this large I'll use the one my husband has downstairs. It is for matte boards when framing photos - but it would work for what I need. I did have a few places that peeled a little because I tried to pull up the cover sheet a little early. There was one place still too hot. That's what happens when I use the iron.

See - peeling
It looks so amazing out on the porch!! I had a little bit of green already which is why I went for the white. It looks great from far away and no one will notice the small peeling. Unless they read this blog.

It seems like time keeps going but I'm still in love with my cute bench.

Now I'm thinking ahead to Easter. I will need to look at my other decor and start planning another pillowcase. What's great is that the pillow can stay out - and the cases are super small and easy to store. It's always fun to make something for my own home and for myself.

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