February 10, 2019

Trial Month

Does anyone else feel like January was just a trial month for the year? I think that is very true for me. I had a "holidays" hangover that lasted a few extra weeks.

Also, I love January because I can stay in pajamas, sit under a blanket, sip hot cocoa and read a book without anyone telling me that I should be out doing other things. I don't feel bad, either, because I go out and shovel my driveway often with the snow storms.  This year I read almost 15 books and we watched a few movie/tv series, too. Not much sewing happened, however, so it was nice to just get all that laziness out during the first month.

So here we are a few weeks into February and I am excited to talk about my goals & dreams for 2019!

I will be doing things with intent (be intentional) so here are my hopefully easily attainable goals. I tried to choose ones that I really could do and accomplish. These are all sewing related for my blog and I'll be able to track my progress here as well. 

1. I would like to do four craft fairs!
Four is a lofty goal in my mind. I did about 3 last year and had varying degrees of success. My best one was online and I plan to do a few craft shows online through Instagram. I would like to have some in-person booths as well and am now working on which ones would be the right pick for myself and my business. 

I need to figure out logistics, mostly. Where would be a good place for me to sell? What event enjoys hand made items in my area? Where will children be during set up/take down and during those all day markets?  I am working with my husband and mom on most of these questions. My daughter is old enough to help me for a few hours but then she gets super bored and doesn't want to be with me anymore. So it gets hard.

I am excited to get into a few in person places this year and I will let you know where they are. I do love the rush of talking to someone about my love of sewing and how I make things. I will have more reusable items this year in person and hopefully everyone will see that reusable can also look cute, too.

2. Send out more Happy Mail
This is a personal goal for myself. I love to sell items - truly. It is a way that I express myself in fabric and thread. I love to see the faces of customers at the craft fairs and I also love getting that 'ding' when I make a sale online. It is incredible to me that others care about what I make. 

I really do a happy dance when I make a sale and I have been trying to have my packaging a little better as well. I have been complimented recently about it and it makes me want to do even more. 

3. Make my Farmhouse Quilt
There will be a new series coming soon. In fact, I've already had 2 days worth of sewing. This quilt was a big part of my plans this year. I wanted to have someone to do it with because I need more accountability for my personal projects or they just won't be finished.

For this goal I have set up a time every two weeks to go to my mom's house and quilt with her. When we made these plans she found an old desk to put in her sewing room along with another chair. She is super excited and so am I. 

She will be working on her own  projects and because I have been there trying to finish something of mine, she has been struck with some amazing ideas.  She has 7 grandchildren and has made each one their own small blanket in the last few weeks. It's great to be there with her and learn from someone who has been sewing/quilting my entire life. She bought me my sewing machine and is one of my biggest fans, supporters and helpers.

4. Get better at what I already make
I would like to perfect my technique on items I already make. This seems really hard because I know I can always do better. The one that is driving me crazy at the moment is the food safe bag - I have about 5 cut out and in need of sewing. The construction of the item is bothering me. I have seen so many different ways of making them, but I don't like any of them. So I'm playing around and hopefully I have the best possible way soon.

Zippers are another thing that I am working with - I feel like I could put in 1000 zippers and still need practice. The zip pouches are durable the way I make them and they are darling. I am playing with new fabrics and things as well. 

The fun part about this business is that it is always changing and growing in new and unexpected ways. I love what I have worked on and hope that I can do even more in the future. Keep an eye here for updates and also - I think I said this a few posts back: I am trying

Blogging is something that I really love. It is another creative outlet that helps me get my ideas onto the page and I want to do more writing. It has been put on the back burner a bit and I am trying to make it more of a priority. The posts aren't perfect and things may drastically change soon - I will keep trying to put my ideas here so that you know a real person is behind My Mommy Life of 3 and there is always love in all I make. 

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