March 16, 2019

Goal update - and cute word sign

I started off this year with a wonderful word - Intentional. It has been on my mind almost every day. To ensure that it stays on my mind I grabbed a small wood square and put on a bit of vinyl.  My favorite color is green, so that's what I used.

Now to get on with my goals for the year. I'm super excited because I worked really hard last year and accomplished them all. I'm glad that I can still make these goals a reality. These are not my personal goals for wonderful growth as a mother and a person in general. I'm going to be talking about my business goals here.

Last year I was super excited to have a place to come and check in once in awhile and see how I was progressing. As I did so I realized that just by working hard I had completed most of them. By the end of the year all of my goals were completed.

This year I've only made four goals again. It's a number that I feel comfortable with and feel like I can tackle.  These are large goals for the entire year. I do have smaller goals for things like products, packaging, and vendor set up.  Those will come, first - focus on these big goals.

I said that most of these will be taken care of at a later date.  I have signed up for two craft fairs as of right now. I am waiting to hear back from them.  I will also (hopefully) be signing up for another very local one in the next few days. I'm a little nervous.

Why am I nervous - because I have changed everything that I was doing at this time last year. I have a lot of product I'd like to make. They will be fun and amazing - so it's going to be great. I'm just nervous to get it all done. Although, that will help me with one of my goals (get better).

Thanks for all the kind words and support. It's always amazing to hear he feedback about how my makes are pretty good. I love to talk to quilters and those that have sewn for a long time. I look forward to seeing more of you at my booth and online.

The fun thing about having goals and looking at them is that sometimes you complete one without realizing it. I have had a few sales this year and I am happy to say that I'm ahead of last year. So sending out more happy mail makes me super happy!!

Why do I want to send out more mail and make more sales? Because I want to make money. I know that isn't talked about a lot. I have dreams and plans. I do enjoy making things - it's why I still do it. I have the passion and now the talent to make amazing products. I'd like to go on vacation this year - I'm getting close to the plane ticket. I also would like to take my kids to a movie - it's so expensive to take us all with our normal income.

Thanks for your support and helping me reach my goals. I am a small business and when you purchase anything the proceeds are used for a family. I hope to knock out a few more goals soon.

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