March 8, 2019

Large Hooded Towels

I love to get custom orders. Especially when it is something that I don't make often.  I made one of these hooded towels for my nephew not long ago. I posted a photo because they are amazing!

After a little while I had a friend contact me and ask for one of her own for her boy.  I asked for colors and then I was off to the races (fabric store... I went to get fabric). 

In this case I went to my local Walmart (not endorsed) and grabbed a super large towel and a hand towel. That's pretty much all I need for this along with a bit of ribbon. I cut it out and finished the project in one sitting.

These are pretty simple and fun to make. I did break a needle (only one this time) when I was going through 5 layers of terry cloth. It's why I only make these for special people. Breaking needles is kinda scary.

I decided to show off why I love these towels so much. They help get the drips gone faster and they last forever!! You can see it on my kids - even my almost 8 year old looks great. She's starting to grow out of hers that I made when she was a baby, but still can use it easily.

8 Year Old

6 Year Old

3 Year Old

My 3 year old still can't walk with it on. It's just too adorable and makes me feel like I have a little baby still. 

What is something you love to make for family? 

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