April 3, 2019

Busy Bee

I have been working hard.. mostly behind the scenes.

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I just participated in a very large undertaking on Instagram called #marchmeetthemaker where there is a prompt every day for something about me and how/what I make. It was amazing to connect with so many other makers!  It is just a bit exhausting.  It was wonderful and thrilling at the same time. Now I am crashing because I had so much to do on social media and now I get to do my own thing again.
This does not mean that I am not very busy. I have a very strict sewing schedule that I need to keep in order to get ready for my many craft fairs coming up.  By many I mean two confirmed shows. I am waiting to hear back from a third and will hopefully hear about openings for the fourth in May.

I am now working hard behind the scenes!! Not only am I ramping up for craft fairs but for something a little closer and more umm.... scary? overwhelming? claustrophobic? It's a word I haven't found yet. I just know it's going to be big. All of that is taking place here, on my computer. (I'm waving at the screen now so pretend it's to you, my reader)

I've been trying to work on things as I go that way when the time comes for the big reveal everything will go smoothly.  I really do enjoy working on my computer and it's something I want to do more of in the future. The thing is, I also need to make product, advertise, sign up for craft fairs, work on social media and keep track of sales/taxes.  All of this on top of being a busy mom of 3 is starting to wear me down. I'm finding the balance and hopefully by this time in a few weeks I'll be all set for what's to come.

One thing that has saved my life is my planner. I went from doing things on my phone to writing them in an actual paper planner. I have enough room for everything my family is doing along with work stuff (when/what to sew, social media posts, when to blog...)  This post is not really planned, I just wanted to get my thoughts out.  Anyway, the other thing that I am loving is colored pencils!

I will write down what is going on in our lives: fishing club, art class, scouts, game nights, birthdays, sewing projects, date nights, school projects, field trips,... and then I will put a color around the words and color it in.  I have a color for each of my family members (except the 3 year old) and then one for my work and one for the whole family.  That way when I glance at my planner I can see what is to come and who to involve. 

My other quick tip for staying semi-organized is to have a day of the week to sit down and fill out the planner. Write down EVERYTHING you can think of.  That way when you need to peek you will remember that something was happening and just remind yourself instead of not having a clue. (make sense?)

Well, this turned into planning and organizing advice.  That would make my mother laugh extremely hard! I hope to keep that up - especially through the next Instagram challenge (or just social media?).  It's called #the100dayproject and I'll be talking about it soon. Until then, know that I haven't disappeared - it's almost the end of the school year, my anniversary, birthdays, and I'm working on things yet to be revealed. As always, thanks for reading.

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