April 15, 2019

Same but new

I love getting feedback from friends and family who have used some of my items.  I love that my family willingly talks about which fabric is better on your skin and what they use when grocery shopping.  I've had a few strange conversations in the last few months.

My favorite one that I had was a poll I took at Sunday dinner and through some texts. The question was this: What fabric do you like to feel on your face between terry cloth and flannel?

I have always been fine with a towel. I am not fancy in any way. Having a towel to try my face or scrub it is fine with me. At least it's clean. I was one of the minority, however and so I thought it would be nice to make a few new face cloths. I seem to be in the minority here, so I'll get to the new stuff soon.

I also asked if they minded having the cloths were mismatched because I like to use the scraps from my other projects to make them. I did need to grab some new flannel (huge sale so not terrible) for this project. I use a lot of cotton in my projects so that's the scraps I'm talking about. They were fine with having them mismatched because I am using scraps instead of throwing them out.

With the new fabric I also decided to have a slightly new design for the wipes. They are about 4.5 inches squared (remember that hand cut means that they may not all be the same exact size).  There are no exposed seams, either.

I also had a great idea to sell them separately from the bag - not everyone wants the bag so this helps everyone. In fact, I am bagless at the moment and that's what next week is for ... making bags.

So here you are, a few new make up wipes.

Pink & Blue - I found enough of a scrap to make these beauties.

Completely mismatched patterns.

Enough to make three, and then supplemented.

And because it's what I really do enjoy, I made one more with cotton and terry cloth. The cotton has different patterns and the terry cloth is also different colors. They turned out spectacular and I am loving them!! I really do use scraps so that I can use up fabric. I love them!

Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my family that flannel is better than terry cloth? Do you like them mismatched, semi matched, or completely matched?  Bag vs. no bag? I'll get a few more answers, I'm sure.

Until then, know that I am working on a few new items and I hope to have them VERY soon seeing that my first craft fair is in less than a month! (holy cow)  Have a happy day!

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