June 24, 2019

Something for ME - how I made a wet bag

We have had swim lessons every week this summer. It has been a lot of fun! However, it's been a headache for me to get the kids there, swim, then change all three after class.

The idea here is that if they are changed into normal clothes they are more comfy on the ride home, they aren't cold, and they are less likely to whine and beg to get back in the water. The hard part is that the swim suits are super wet when we get changed and I was tired of getting my bags all nasty.

I went online and started looking for a wet bag.  The ones that I wanted were quite expensive. So instead I did some research. (Probably could've done more.. more on that later) I found fabric that could work - laminated cotton, oilcloth, or ripstop vinyl.  I decided to use oilcloth.

There wasn't a lot of choices at my local fabric shop that didn't look like a picnic table. I found this cute gold dot fabric that I've used before. I wanted a large bag b/c when we all go swimming I'll need room for shoes and swim suits.  I also loved the idea of a mesh pocket.

I started with 4 pieces of oil cloth that were about 20x36 inches. (I changed a bit as I went along.) I added the mesh pocket w/ zip to one of the pieces. I then added straps to that piece and another making these the outer layers.

I then made a zip pouch that was really large!! It was pretty simple except for the actual making of the bag. I broke 2 needles because I didn't have the right needle (need a denim.. see - I needed more research). 

I finally got it all done and I am LOVING it. We used it after swim class and the kids loved that we had a place to put their clothes. It was a lot of fun to have them excited as well. The bag is a lot larger than what I found online. It was also cheaper for me to make it than buy it. That doesn't always happen. It was a pleasant surprise.

UPDATE: We are potty training our baby. This is a life saver when out and about. I put some spare underwear in the mesh and the wet in the other. 

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