January 3, 2020

2020 Goals

I promised another post soon. Today I'd like to talk all about my goals for 2020. If I talk about them with others then it means that I am more accountable than just leaving them on my phone.

I love to have fun goals for the year along with my word of the year. I also want to make sure that they goals that I set are attainable. I have personal goals that I hang up for myself and then I have goals for my business. For this post, I'll be focusing in on the business posts.

I used to number the goals that I would set. I've stopped doing that. I think that my business/creative goals have a lot of overlap and it's easy to focus on more than one. I also believe that there should only be so many goals to try. The number that I've capped myself with is five. I think that getting five major goals done in a year is a real accomplishment. Also, if I only do four, I don't beat myself up. I can only do the best I can. So here they are:

Cross Stitch:

I got a really cute monthly cross stitch pattern for Christmas. I love to cross stitch. I want to make some cute things for my own home this year and I think that by trying this pattern and keeping up with it I can do that. This is not really business related, but creative. I won't be selling them, I just want my skills to grow and gain more confidence. I have started on the first one and it may be bigger than I first thought. I know it'll be fun to finish them and hopefully I'll show them off as I make them.

Vendor Events:

I kept this one vague on purpose. Usually with goals you need a specific number to know you've achieved your goal. This one will be more than last year (four).  I have already signed up for three vendor events this year. I am so super excited about them!!  I feel like I've made it.

These started 20 years ago and I used to take my mom shopping when they were first starting out. I saw the things that others were selling and naively thought "I can make that" when going by. I never could replicate what I saw, however I tried. This is what started me becoming more of a maker. I saw the booths change over and I thought - maybe I can try. So I started my business. I then heard of people I knew who would be at the show. I thought, "why not apply?"  I was SO happy when I was accepted. There are five of them per year, but with the extra cost and stress I put on myself I chose 3 this year. This leaves time to sign up for other opportunities. Wish me luck.

Blog More:

Blog at least once/month. It seems like at the beginning of the year I do pretty well. I know the problem near the end of 2019 was the fact that my husband gave me his old laptop to replace my even older laptop. I blog much better if I can type. I have yet to move all my computery stuff over to the other laptop. It's going to take the better part of a day and with holidays and then the after holidays cleaning happening I haven't had time. So here I sit on my old laptop that has to be plugged into everything (no wifi) and hopefully I'll get most everything out of the way so I don't feel guilty when I have to back up everything to move it over. The good news? Most of my programs are already installed on the other one.

Live more Ecofriendly:

Actually use the bags that I have instead of forgetting them in the store. That's going to be my first step of this goal. I've already cut out straws... mostly. There are a lot of little things that I can do and I'll share whatever I can with others that want to try. I've also got something in the works for the grocery store. It's in the testing phase right now. This will be a life long goal, really. I just want to make sure that people know that there are little things you can do to help. 

A saying I once heard: If everyone did 70% better it would help more than a few doing 100%.

Make 2 new products:

This is purely for my business. I want to push myself to keep trying and being the best that I can be. I have a few ideas of what I can make, but need to really think about what impact they will have and what I need to do in order to make them a reality. Also, price vs cost (makes sense in my head) of the items. Will it be worth it for me to make them? Will they sell? Who knows, but I am going to try.

So those are the big goals that I've got planned for 2020. I hope that you will come along on my journey with me. If you want more posts and a bit of my personality head over to Instagram for the most content. It's just easier to throw a photo up with a witty caption some days. Especially when my four year old needs me. Like now - bye!

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