March 7, 2020

See me in person

Hello one and all!

I have been writing a blog for over 6 years about fun creative things. I'm still learning every time I come here - I learn who I am as a writer, what I really want to say, where my focus is, and that less is sometimes more.

I have tried in the past to post things that I have for sale - but that's not what a blog is for. I have learned that much.

I've also tried my hand at tutorials. I love to read about what others have tried and how to accomplish them - however I'd like the original bloggers to get the views.

I have done so many crafty things from sewing, wood crafts, kid crafts, preschool lesson ideas, 72 hour kit talk, quilting, and more. Finding a focus for my blog has been a learning experience on it's own. I write what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling.

The thing I come back to most often is - my goals. One of which is to have more in person craft fairs. I was able to participate in my first one of the year. It was so incredible. There were over 178 vendors at the show and it was a central checkout. I love shopping at a central checkout because it is low pressure.

It was fun to see the fun signs around town and all over social media. This was on tv and everything. It was the largest craft fair that I have ever done.

My cute little booth - all ready to go.

It was a good experience to have my booth, meet other great vendors, and be apart of something so big. It was a bit scary to have the threat of closing any time, though. I hope to be out more in the future. As of now my next booth will be in May. Keep an eye out for me - more details to come.

My tips for a successful booth:
1. If possible, attend the boutique before applying. Shopping a boutique is a great way to understand the clientele and what is expected.
2. Think outside the box (or in my case with boxes. Use what you have or is on sale.
3. Ask for help. This goes for decor, placement ideas and set up/take down. I am the only employee for my business so I usually do most on my own. I've had my daughter help me many times.
4. Set up before you go. Whether that's a few days before or the night before, it doesn't matter. This way you'll know if you've forgotten somet or need more product. Practice also helps with my jitters.
5. Go into it for the experience. This ,may just be mine.  Yes I do this to make money, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Go for experience, to get your name/brand to new people and to learn. It's fun to try something new and I'm always pleasantly surprised when I make a profit. Find something positive as a reason to go.

I hope you find something useful for yourself. What is your tip you give to others?

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